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Include bricks for window sills, pillars and corners. New issue of our magazine about brickwork and responsible architecture. Petersen Tegl is a Danish brickworks that manufactures and sells bricks and clinkers that are renowned for quality and excellent craftsmanship. We are UK agents for Petersen , Vande Moortel and Roben.

Petersen Tegl is the premier Danish brickworks and European Building Materials is the UK agent for these exclusive bricks.

Taylor is the brick merchant of choice throughout the construction industry. Call us today to see how we can help you. All of the clay is used in the production process. And if anything goes wrong,.

This gives the charcoal-fired part of Peters. The irregular structure and wealth of colors of the bricks by Petersen Tegl are created by. We source from all the UK market and are agents for Petersen Tegl, Roben and. Petersen bricks used on the facade with lightweight brick slip system by .

Clay bricks have featured as a construction product for. Petersen excels at doing a few things really well, most notably using a randomising coal-firing process to manufacture water-struck bricks. With 2plants in countries – of them in the UK – we lead the. The largest product database in the UK. Petersen -TEGL brick from the Drange, stone coursing and . London stock brick in the surrounding.

The design was achieved using . A large mock-up panel was constructed on site prior to construction, to evaluate four different types of Petersen Kolumba brick. Ibstock Brick is the leading supplier of clay facing bricks in Irelanable to . The concave shells are the result of a pattern of angled bricks , called . It was the Danish client who suggested using handmade bricks from Petersen ,. Softly grey, their shape also further . Fluid Structures 37th Newsletter, Petersen Brick House. Janinhoff water-struck bricks are more than an imitation of a fired brick surface – they are a genuine. Original and genuine, traditionally manufactured and processed by a so-called Petersen press, featuring the. Right The facade is clad in.

Capacity now exceeds that of the conventional Petersen press by as much as a double.

The handmade Petersen Brick façades have been crafted to age beautifully and lend a sense of permanence and solidity to its setting. No System Excerpt, Vortigern Gallery, UK.