Sedum cauticola

This is the perfect sedum to tuck into a rockery or other small spaces in the garden. Low, spreading sedums form a solid mat of foliage which is excellent for. Sedum cauticola (cliff stonecrop) syn.

Hylotelephium cauticola is a species of flowering plant in the family Crassulaceae, native to Japan. This Japanese native is perfect for the rock garden.

Ground covering stonecrops are alpine perennials which are available in so many species and varieties that anyone can find his favourite. This plant has poison characteristics. The alpine selections of Stonecrop are excellent edging or rock garden plants, particularly for hot, dry sites with poor soil. This variety forms a low, non- spreading . We knew we had to offer this plant the minute we saw its low cushions of purple- edged blue-gray foliage.

As a bonus, starry pink flowers appear in. Soft powdery blue foliage never goes out of style.

An exceptional plant for the rock garden or trough. Shop with confidence for quality trees, shrubs and . Attractive, very low growing groundcover. Pink flowers age to carmine-red in late summer. A spreading Stonecrop, with star-shaped soft pink flowers throughout summer . Bright pink blooms in late summer through early to mid fall. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers.

This stonecrop forms foot mounds of rounded blue foliage that turns reddish bronze in cold weather. Brilliant rose-pink flowers come in late summer and fall. Pink changing to re gray blue leaves, slow growth rate, blooms late summer to early fall, 0. A gorgeous trailing form of Stonecrop that can be found growing among cliffs in its native habitat in Japan. This sedum is one of the ground covering types making low mounds of purple edged blue-grey succulent leaves.

During summer it is studded with pale pink . Low mats of leaden grey foliage produce heads of rich rosy pink-red flowers in summer. More or less trailing habit ideal for raised beds, rockeries 10cm.

A clumping sedum with larger, roun blue-gray to blue-green leaves. Very striking, pink-tinged foliage before going dormant for the winter months. Red star- shaped flowers appear in early fall, blooms opening to purplish pink as the mature. Forms a low non-spreading clump of rounded blue-green leaves flushed with purple. Pink star flowers appear in late . Like the majority of Sedum, this species requires full sun and well-drained soils.

Neutral to alkaline soil is best. It is very drought-tolerant.